The Arlequin presentation


The Arlequin is a battle yacht  in mixed reality, measuring one meter long.

This sailboat made without compromise is simple, powerful and versatile in any weather.

It is aimed to corporates or private customers, passionate about sailing and technology.

Embedded system


The Arlequin is equipped with a mini on-board computer integrating a NFC chip, an inertial measurement unit and a GPS with centimeter position. It communicates in Wifi on the 2.4 Ghz band with a secure transmission range of 200 m. It can be controlled from a smartphone, that can be coupled to an Xbox One S controller. A Lipo battery, two waterproof servo motors and additional electric thruster complete the onboard system.


Additive manufacturing and high-end finishing


Hull and appendages 3D printed in multi jet fusion (HP technology), allowing ultra-light internal structures, optimized by a generative design process (in collaboration with Autodesk). The use of nylon (PA12) has the advantages of being a very strong and durable material. Aeronautic grade stainless steel fittings and rigging, special booms with adjustable trolleys ; Integrated sheets circuit ; Paints and varnishes of automobile quality ; Recycled lead ballast ; Titanium 3D printed propeller...



Liveries and rigs


The Arlequin is available in 9 liveries, each with a specific sail design

Each sailboat has 3 rigs of different size to navigate on wind ranges up to force 5 to 6.

The sails are hand stitched and personalized with an UV printing on both sides with the sail number chosen by the owner.

Yacht in limited edition


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Composite prototypes and first of series in additive manufacturing