Availibility, Early 2020

For superyachts, boat charters, hotels and resorts

Availibility, end of 2020

For yachtsmen, sailor enthusiasts and marine art collectors


insignia of the Battle Yachts

Choice of colors

Birth of the Battle Yachts

This new activity is set between model yachting and e-sport. That’s why, on the kind and benevolent advices from the French sailing federation (Fédération Française de Voile), we decided to name our sailboats “Battle Yachts” (en français : des voiliers de bataille).



The Battle Yacht Box Rules

The Battle Yachts are monohull sailing yachts, with free rigs and the following technical specifications:

Hull length : 1 m max

Width : 30 cm max

Draught : 42cm max

Electric thruster : 120W / 500kV max

Armed hull displacement out of rigging : 4kg min