Diablotin description

The Imp (Diablotin in french) is an initiation battle sailboat. The design of this keelboat favors the simplicity of assembly, transport and maintenance. It consists of an ABS hull and deck, technical parts in 3D printing and two sizes of sails for sailing from low to gentle breezes (Force 3 to 4). A power LED illuminating the sail from the deck, accompanies this sailboat to navigate until nightfall.


- transport cover made with recycled sails

- rings for sails storage and drying

- removable cradle made with interlocking foam blocks

- Lipo battery and charger in a fireproof removable bag

- removable flag and customisation stickers

- small emergency repair accessories

- transparent exhibition cradle

- microfiber square


Technical specification

Hull length

Waterline lenght


Air draft


Sail area with rig A

Sail surface with rig B


Wet surface

Battery autonomy in mixed navigation


1 m

769 mm

292 mm

1366 mm

201 mm

0,45 m2

0,31 m2

4,5 kg

0,11 m2

45 min

The first Diablotins will be available from March 2020


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