Design, architecture and naval engineering


Our initial project was to design automated rigs for the hybrid propulsion of ships. In parallel of our main activity, DWS continues to carry out studies of design, naval architecture and marine robotics on civil and military projects, for private clients and industrial partners. Below, three examples of non-confidential projects.



This yacht is an evolution of the famous Dragon, Olympic sailboat designed by Norwegian Johan Anker in 1929. This new version own an automated rig (Bermudian sail or Gaff sail), and an intelligent virtual sailing assistant to enjoy the sailing pleasures through many ways...



This project is an answer to a design contest launched in 2017 by the french magazine "Chasse-Marée" on the topic: "Draw me a sailing coaster"

Proposed solution: A fair trade yacht (Grand voilier de commerce équitable) type Brigantine.



This New Generation Surveillance concept Frigate (FSNG) would allow a better safety of ocean spaces, improvement of the observation range, fuel saving, exhaust gaz reduction and a positive image for navies and their governments.

Work philosophy


"The boat has been for our civilisation since the sixteenth century until today, both the largest instrument

of economic development and the largest reserve of imagination. The ship is the heterotopy* par excellence.

In civilisations without boat, dreams are drying up, espionage is replacing adventure and police, the corsairs. "


Michel Foucault


Heterotopy *: Physical location of utopia, these are concrete spaces that host the imagination, such as a children’s hut, a theatre or an amusement park.