Pond yachts & Toy boats


The favorite outdoor activity of children between 1850 and about 1950 was undoubtedly the navigation of pretty toy boats on the public gardens basins. Mainly composed of rental sail yachts and small mechanical toy boats, this majestic fleet sometimes had real giants of ponds. The latter were exceptional toys intended more for adults than for children, real collectibles, technical and aesthetic wonder, often made by passionate or professional craftsmen.


Model yacht clubs


Model yacht clubs exist from many years in the United Kingdom, France and the United States.  Some have a boat house allowing their members to store their boats next to the water. Among them are MYSA at Kensington Gardens in London, SFMYC at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and CPMYC at Central Park in New York (photo opposite).

The model yachting competition


There are different classes of radio controlled model yachts, the most popular being the 1 Meter (or IOM) and the Marblehead (or M). These are sharpen racing machines, designed and mastered by skippers who are often fine sailors in dinghy or keelboat, or even former Olympic champions. Their common point is a mix of playful addiction, emotion of the result, pleasure of the journey and inventiveness.

Problems encountered


- Sailing in fleet is the only interesting game compare to sail alone, but the low number of meetings obliges participants to travel far to race.

- The organization of a regatta requires at least two to three qualified umpires, a measurer and a buoy fixer

- The very complex workings of class organizations limit access to an informed public.

Five innovations will allow us to boost the model yachting market by combining sailing, drone technology, augmented reality and electronic sports. The basis of these innovations is covered by a patent.

01. Radio connected yachts


All our sailboats can be controlled from a smartphone or a dedicated remote control. Smartphones are favored for the navigation of DIY class yachts. They can display real-time road information and an embedded view from a camera located on the boat. DWS remote controls let you navigate with all the features of our class B:Y and EOM yachts. The on-board view is replaced by an interactive mapping of the current regatta or battle to help the skipper during distant and tactical maneuvers.


02. Skippers network


The free mobile app allows all owners of RC sailboats to meet informally, to train and progress on the water bodies near their home. This application will be available in 2019.

03. Connected regattas


Module of creation and automated arbitration of friendly and official regattas, to simplify the organisation and to automatically classify the runners according to the official rules of World Sailing. This module will allow novice skippers to easily understand and learn the rules of sailing with the user interface of the DWS remote controls. This innovation will be available for class B:Y and EOM yachts during 2019.

04. Remote sailing module


This module allows to navigate remotely in real time with our radio connected yachts, from a computer equipped with a broadband internet connection. An operator located on the lake is responsible for providing the online skipper a sailing boat ready to sail. The module includes a 5G modem router serving as a network gateway between the sailing boats, the remote controllers, the augmented reality headsets and the DWS server. It is located on the riverbank close to the skippers and incorporates a wide angle camera for streaming the regatta in real time to the online skippers. This innovation will be available from 2020.

05. Sailing in augmented reality

Augmented reality glasses and helmets turn the Model Yachting into an outdoor electronic sport. It opens up new game scenarios (regattas tactics training, naval battles...) to navigate alone or with others, on courses combining real and virtual sailboats and adapted to all water bodies. This innovation will be available for class B:Y and EOM yachts from 2020 when this technology will be available to the general public. Among the companies working on the subject, we can mention Microsoft with his Hololens helmets (which we currently use for our tests and demonstrations), Huawei, Facebook, Apple or Google ...