Sailing in mixed reality

Mixed reality is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.


The mixed reality headsets and glasses transform the model yachting into an outdoor video game. They open new scenarios to sail alone, together or in teams, on adapted tracks to all water bodies ; mixing real sailing yachts steered by skippers (the players) with virtual ones drive by an artificial intelligence (bots) subject to the same wind conditions.


Opposite photo, upcycled Microsoft Hololens development headset


Digital steering


The yacht steering is controlled from an Android or Apple smartphone through our mobile application. The smartphone allow the setting and arbitration of the games, access to skippers account, sign in and planning of regattas, online leader board, weather and other functionalities from the website : The Battle Yacht Club.


While sailing, the screen display the navigation data of the inertial unit, distance between skippers and their yacht, quality of the wifi signal, battery level… The steering ergonomy can be upgraded with a gamepad or an Xbox one controller fit in our smartphone support accessory.

Game scenarios


Each game lasts about 15 minutes and is played with a maximum of 12 competitors (real or virtual), sailing alone or in teams. The rules of racing have been simplified, the only one to know is: Priority on the right. To spice up the parties, the sailboats are equipped with a small electric thruster as a boost or brake, depending on the events and the game mode chosen. It energizes the games and allows to navigate in low winds condition.


The game modes and victory conditions are the following :

Combat race: Score a maximum of points by finishing the race as fast as possible while torpedoing your competitors

Capture the flag : Get the ennemy flag back to your base to score the most points and win

Classic regatta :  Finish first the course

Available weapons

Salves of lined guns

Shoot a salve of shells on port or starboard

Lightning strike

Shoot a lighting inverting the steering and freezing all weapons of all enemies for a short time


Abruptly brake all enemies by anchoring them (reverse rotation of their propeller)


Shoot an auto-guided torpedo in front of you

Fog Horn

Create a destructive and protective shockwave


Shows every enemies current weapon and allow to steal one of them


Allow the navigation by electric propeller for a short time


Drop a magnetic mine behind the yacht


In battle race : erase the next buoy to shorten the race

Explosive shot

Shoot explosive shots at short range to either port / starbord


Shoot an auto-guided missile on a determined target


Protect the launcher and his close allies during a short period of time

Compatible accessories

A new vision for computing, built on a history of innovation

HoloLens 2  offer the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience currently available,

enhanced by reliability, security and constant evolution of cloud services and Microsoft AI.

Wireless Xbox controller

Xbox Design Lab


Our game in mixed reality and its connectivity principle have been the subject of a patent extended internationally.

This network architecture is adaptable to other markets, exclusively licensed by DWS.

Game soundtrack


Ecouter les premières bandes son du jeu en cliquant sur l’icône ci-contre